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I grew up in Colorado and I've been taking photos for 10+ years. My earliest memories with a camera are getting to experiment with my grandpa's Polaroid. He let me walk around taking pictures all the pictures my little heart desired, no matter how bad/pointless the photo. I didn't realize then how special it was of him to trust me so much with his camera and to let me waste so many photos (I know now that it wasn't cheap). My grandpa is passed now but in my heart forever and Ill always thank him for introducing me to photography.

I didn't pick a camera back up until years later in a high school after I signed up for a photography class. We got to play around with pinhole cameras, film cameras, the light room, and only then some DSLR cameras. I was frustrated at times wanting to jump straight to digital but the teacher wanted us to understand the technical aspects of photography so that we had a solid foundation, which I really appreciate now. She also encouraged students to enter photography contests and to ask to have their work sold in galleries. She always said the worst that could happen is that they say no. She was right. I won a few contests and was able to sell in two galleries thanks to her. 

Around the same time there was an administrative error and I was scheduled for a video productions course I didn't know existed. That turned out to be my 2nd favorite class in high school second to photography. I spent most of my time outside of school on those assignments for those classes and trying projects just for fun. After a couple semesters I became a mentor to others in both courses.

I got my first real DSLR Nikon camera as a high school graduation gift from my grandparents. As I watched their faces light up while handing it to me I decided right then that I decided I would make something of it. I established Chelsea Photo & Film sophomore year of college and I am so proud of how far it's come in the past ~5 years.

Other than photography I love being outside, snowboarding, painting, hammock-ing, camping, hiking, being around family/friends (blessed!), and coming up with new projects and business ideas. I'm a CU Boulder alumni, certified administrative assistant, CO notary public, city-government worker, first-aid certified, mildly type-A self-proclaimed "professional organizer". 

I am currently based in Denver, CO but I am willing to travel to other locations. I specialize in portraits, weddings, and events, but I am available to do other styles of photography, freelance projects, and commissions. 

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