In a world of truly endless options, thank you  first & foremost  

for taking the time to look at my work. 


A little bit about me - just a 26 year old girl just trying my damndest to be a good and worthwhile person as the days come and go. I try to do no harm to anyone, leave things better than how I found them, and learn something from everyone I meet.

My photo/film story begins early in High School circa 2008 where I took a few photo classes inspired by my Gramp's kind sharing of his Polaroid camera when I was ~5 as well as an accidental filmmaking class which I was only placed in due to a clerical  error. I realized pretty quickly that it was a rare, double-stroke of luck finding two such pure sources of joy in my life at such an early age so I started working very hard to hone my craft. 

As with anyone halfway decent at something in their social circle, I quickly became the  resident (free) photographer/videographer for  all my friends, friends of friends, family, extended family, and so on. To this day I am still to this day the built-in photographer/videographer for very close family & friends lol.


And it's all good, but I finally established Chelsea Photo & Film in college in 2014 in response to the increasingly consistent demand and my decision to take photography & filmmaking more seriously.

In the years since then I've been privileged enough to work people of all ages and from all backgrounds and walks of life as well as being lucky enough to score a couple spots in galleries, art shows, & journals along the way. 

Other than photography & filmmaking, I love painting (check out my acrylic ink paintings), generally just being outside, snowboarding, camping, gardening, swimming, soaking up the sun, petting dogs, being around family/friends, and entrepreneur-ing. I went to high school in Fountain, CO then attended one year of college at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and finally graduated with a B.A. in Sociology at CU Boulder.  I'm a Certified Administrative Professional, CPRD/AED/First-Aid certified, and a Notary. 

A couple fun facts - I'm an army brat though I got lucky and got to spent most of my childhood/school years in one spot (Colorado) after my dad retired here in 2003. Nonetheless, I've lived in Tennessee, North Carolina,  Germany, and Texas.

I am currently based in Denver, CO but I am willing to travel to other locations for work. I specialize in portraits, weddings, and events, but I am available to do other styles of photography, freelance projects, and paint commissions. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out.  


Tel:  (720) 520 - 1019

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